Mange Tout Kids

Mange Tout: The Book
Foreword by Dr. Catherine Dendy

Dr. Catherine DendyDr. Catherine Dendy: Clinical Psychologist & Children’s Feeding Specialist (Great Ormond Street Hospital)

One dull May morning in 2006 I visited a Mange Tout classes in South London.  As soon as I stepped through the door and saw a group of pre-schoolers running round the room searching for fruit and vegetables, a light went on!

I realised this was exactly what was needed for so many of the children I had been treating at Great Ormond Street Hospital. (I also had a sneaking suspicion that I would go home and try out her ideas on my little ones, both of whom had just reached that fussy stage.)

I had been working with children with feeding difficulties for some years as a clinical psychologist, and had long wished for a good preventative programme to manage small children’s selective eating habits. Here it was! I knew that if this class had been locally available, for many children a long wait to see a paediatrician, dietician or psychologist could have been avoided.

Lucy uses soundly based psychological principals in her classes. Key to her approach is desensitisation and anxiety reduction. She shows parents and children a way to familiarise themselves with new food in a playful, non judgemental and supportive manner.

She gives parents, who are often at the end of their tether with their child’s eating, a method for moving on. Some children I saw that day were reluctant even to go to the table to look at fruit and vegetables, others were ready to put small amounts of puree or raw vegetables to their lips; all stages were accommodated in the class. Above all everyone was having fun!

In this book Lucy has put together ideas from her fun filled classes, for all of us to use, in a simple straight forward way. Have lots of fun and enjoy this book.

Go on! Have a go – it really does work!