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Mange Tout: The Book
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There are plenty of cookery books on the market aimed at parents of young children. What none of them tell you is how to get your child to actually eat the healthy, nutritious food you’ve carefully prepared.

Every parent knows how frustrating it is to take time to produce home made food, only to have it thrown on the floor by your precious little darling! Or more seriously, to have a child who literally won’t eat any fruit or vegetables.

Help is at hand with Lucy Thomas’s revolutionary new approach

Lucy ThomasLucy’s experience as a nanny taught her that the more opportunities children are given to be involved in activities such as shopping, food handling and preparation and even simple gardening, the more relaxed and interested they become in fresh fruit and vegetables. She also realized that children are less inhibited and far more likely to sample a new food if they are not asked to eat or taste it.

For example, Lucy says that by first showing a child how to tickle their tongue with a piece of broccoli, they will more often than not get excited and respond with a positive action. So they are not only handling what might be a new food, but also introducing themselves to a new taste, even if on a very simple level.

As well as being a nanny, Lucy is a trained actress and has studied nutrition. In 2005 she brought together all three skills to set up her first Mange Tout classes in south London. During the classes the children enjoy games, stories and songs about fruit, vegetables and healthy eating and then they explore different fruit and vegetables in their raw, cooked and pureed form. They learn about colour, shape, texture and smell, get to practise using cutlery, manipulate the food with their hands and perhaps kiss, lick or make teeth marks in the produce.

The classes have been so popular that she’s now branched out to Oxford and has plans to run more throughout the UK, Australia and New Zealand. She has also written this book to share her experience and expertise.

Mange Tout book coverMange Tout is all about finding fun in food. It offers parents and children the chance to get used to fruit and vegetables away from the stress and frustration of mealtimes. The methods she writes about in the book are similar to those used in her classes and will help you to recreate the Mange Tout experience in your home.

This book is an essential guide for establishing a healthy attitude to food in your child. Whether you’re just starting to wean and want to make the best possible start, have a troublesome two year old or a plain fussy six year old, Mange Tout offers encouragement and advice to guide you through these tricky stages. The range of activities is suitable for children as young as twelve months up to the age of seven and is designed to build up your confidence to deal with eating struggles, the bane of most parents’ lives.

PodMange Tout includes:

  • The basic principles of Mange Tout, including why you need to recognise your own hang-ups about food (do you hate Brussels sprouts so think your child will hate them too?), and why it’s important to let your child get messy when they play with and eat food.
  • How to do Mange Tout at home, on your own and with friends and family: suggestions for songs and ways to play with and prepare different fruit and vegetables.
  • How to prevent mealtime meltdown.
  • Simple tips on growing and gardening.
  • How to involve your child with your weekly supermarket shop.
  • Nutritional advice.
  • 20 delicious recipes, plus tips on how your children can get involved with preparing these.

With activities, songs and recipes for all the family to enjoy, kids of all ages will soon be tasting and exploring an exciting new world they may never have touched before.