Telephone Coaching

Lucy Thomas, founder of Mange Tout now offers personalised telephone coaching.

Mange Tout Telephone Consultation 1 hour

Appointment times are usually scheduled for the evening once your child is settled in bed to allow for minimal distraction. This also allows you to speak freely and openly about the challenges you are facing without being overheard.

  • In advance of the call the following must be submitted by email —NO LATER THAN 24hours prior to your allotted call time (failure to do so will result in your call time being rescheduled) :
  1. A complete list of all foods and fluid your child eats and drinks – including snacks and treats.
  2. Any medical history – eg allergies, reflux, spectrum disorders, recent operations or any medical diagnosis, OT for oral motor skills, speech and language therapy, recent blood tests etc
  3. Your concerns about your child’s current diet.
  4. Some short medium and long term goals you’d like to help your child achieve in regards to their relationship with food and eating.
  5. A telephone number for the consultation
  • Payment must be made in advance of the call. Calls will not proceed if payment has not been made.

1 hour telephone consultation with feeding consultant

Lucy Thomas costs – £50

  • Following the call I will assess the level of coaching required and then formulate a plan to move forward with.
  • If you would like a written report detailing the call this is charged at an additional rate of £30

Thank you for getting in touch, I look forward to working with you!