Mange Tout: The Book by Penguin Publishers

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Why this book can help you...

The second part of Mange tout’s success is preparing children for what’s to come on their plate. You can do this by letting them help to get the meal ready, singing about the food or maybe telling a story about the food they are about to eat.

This is all very well, I hear you exclaim, but how is a parent supposed to deal with a new-born screaming for a feed, a toddler pulling at their jeans demanding to paint, and a five year old practising their recorder while you are attempting to whiz up a nutritious culinary delight that they will all sit down quietly to and eat?

I certainly appreciate how hectic parenting can be and how stressful it is when children won’t eat healthily. This is why I set up Mange Tout classes, to solve this common problem and now Mange Tout Kids provides those successful methods in this easy-to-use book.

At Mange Tout the experience is all about finding fun in food and offers parents and children the chance to get used to fruit and vegetables away from the stress and frustration of mealtimes and the pressures of daily routine.

Classes are structured so that children of a similar age, along with their parents or carer, have the opportunity to explore and familiarize themselves with a variety of fruit and vegetables. They do this through creative food handling and exciting food related activities in a relaxed and sociable environment.

The classes and this book also incorporate simple but effective methods of teaching colours, numbers and problem solving through songs and games using pictorial images of fruit and vegetables as well as the actual produce to encourage positive recognition.

Mange Tout Kids will offer simple, easy-to-follow methods, similar to those used in our classes to re create the mange-tout experience in the home. It also provides support to guide you through the activities and suggestions for dealing with particular tricky situations.

Children need the opportunity to understand the fundamentals of fresh food and have the chance to get their hands on food in a relaxed and fun setting.

Mange Tout offers parents an experimental and interactive approach to introducing their child to fresh produce in an entertaining and easily digestible format.

The Book
Foreword by Dr. Catherine Dendy