We all want our little ones to eat well, grow strong and be healthy, but mealtimes aren’t always a walk in the park. In a world of ever increasing processed and fast food options, and occurence of childrens health issues, healthy eating can seem like an impossible mission.

Mange-Tout provides your child with the opportunity to explore and familiarise themselves with a variety of fruit and vegetables through creative food handling and exciting activities, in a relaxed, sociable and non judgmental environment.

Peeling, planting, chopping, mashing and even playing with raw and cooked food will help dispel some of the fears and pre conceptions our children have about accepting a new food. All these experiences will help encourage your child to recognise, touch, smell and even taste a completely new fruit or vegetable.

Topical stories and games involving food colour, numeracy and co ordination, along with other exciting activities will help your child discover the fun in food, learn some basic nutrition and inspire their young appetites so they can enjoy the benefits of a healthy diet.

Your child’s nutritional health and well being is priceless so don’t hesitate – JOIN Mange-Tout today.

I first visited a Mange Tout class in 2006 and was so impressed by the work Lucy was doing, I wanted to get involved myself.

The Mange Tout Programme really works because all the techniques Lucy has developed are based on sound educational and psychological principles.

My work with Mange Tout is some of the most effective and rewarding I have done as a feeding specialist and feel strongly that every child should have the opportunity to experience this fantastic programme!

– Dr Catherine Dendy, Clinical Psychologist and Feeding Specialist (Formerly of Great Ormond Street Hospital feeding team)

Nutritional Info

As we all know, good nutrition is vital to the healthy growth and development of our children.

We are all aware of the ever increasing issue of child obesity. Addressing the child obesity issue as well as the general decline in health of our children today, or just general disinterest in food must begin at a young age.

The importance of a wide and varied diet in pre-schoolers cannot be over stressed. However we must not overlook the necessity to make food and meal times an enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

So often we can get caught up in ensuring our children are well nourished that we forget that eating and creating food should be a fun activity. Involving them in playing with ingredients and creating meals is a fantastic way of igniting an interest in the foods they are eating.

If children learn to appreciate and enjoy a balanced diet in their early years, so the foundations are laid for a healthy attitude to eating throughout their lives.