Mange Tout Kids

Classes: Structure

Circle Time

Children have the chance to familiarise themselves with the produce of the week.

This can be through handling, smelling, discussing colour, shape, texture and where/how it grows.

We will normally play a game to assist children with familiarity of produce for that week.

Table Time

Eating an appleChildren have the opportunity to sample, taste and enjoy the produce of the week.

Through our unique skills and techniques you may just be surprised how children respond to these fruit and vegetables.

This gives children the chance to really sample new things is a way that is not always possible at meal times or at home.


PodA great fun part of the class where we will play games or activities, normally linked with the fruit and vegetables of the week. We may even have a story.

We have found this helps to give children that extra positive association with the produce and more familiarity that will help them to try new things and be more willing to continue with what they have done in Mange Tout, at home.

Pod will be there to help us all through the class and will even have some treats for all at the end of the class, before we sing the ‘goodbye song’ with him.