Mange Tout Kids


This is just some of the glowing feedback we have received at Mange Tout…

  • My son Samuel attended the Mange-Tout for a year, from the age of two and a half. In that time he went from not even wanting to touch fruit and veg (unless they were mashed) to now eating a wide variety and is willing to try anything. The classes were always a lot of fun with no stress about how much you tried, ate or joined in, but always rewarded and noted when you did. He loved going each week to see Lucy and Pod and talked at home about what he had done in the class. As a parent I learnt a lot about presenting fruit and vegetables in different ways, making it an enjoyable experience.  It made me look outside my normal range of fruit and veg and I started to use a lot more variety in our diet.

    Samuel is a great eater and I use a lot of the fun, games and praise learnt from the classes at home. It seems that if you get excited about fruit and vegetables then children will naturally follow.

  • After trying doctors and nutritional experts I was at the end of my tether last summer. My daughter who was 18 months was making mealtimes a complete battle ground. She would refuse to eat and most things would end up being thrown onto the floor. I was getting stressed out and needed help. Thankfully I saw a poster in the local butchers and as a last resort went along to the trial class last summer. I was overwhelmed by Lucy’s enthusiasm and patience and signed up for the next term immediately.

    We have done the class for a year and it has changed our lives. Amelia has more enthusiasm when it comes to food and her love of fruit is overwhelming. Amelia likes to help out in the kitchen and is often seen crunching on a carrot stick or mushroom whilst I’m making a bolognaise sauce. Even the supermarket can be fun. Amelia likes to put the fruit and veg into the trolley whilst munching on an apple or raw mushroom.

    Lucy has made food fun and Amelia is often heard singing the songs. Lucy’s ideas and more importantly encouragement for each child is fantastic. A huge thank you goes to Lucy and Pod for making our kitchen a calmer place.

  • A year ago, before starting Mange Tout, Lucy wouldn’t eat any fruit or vegetables apart from bananas. Now, after 2 terms at Mange Tout, she eats avocado, apples, pears, kiwi, squash… she is still a fussy eater but a million times better than she was! Coming to Mange Tout to see “Mange Tout Lucy” is one of the highlights of her week, and the Mange Tout song “Picked a carrot” is regularly sung at full volume. She has also become a lot more interested in learning about fruit and vegetables – and always wants to help me chop up veg for supper, and, whenever I chop up the fruit, she wants to be the first one to see the pips inside.

  • Christian was about 19 months old when he first registered with Mange-Tout. He was in the middle of some pretty intensive chemotherapy to treat his cancer and would not eat ANYTHING. Whilst I am not trying to say that he miraculously started wolfing down brussel sprouts and cabbage, he did start to express an interest in food, whereas before he had just been too scared of it. Nine months after starting Mange-Tout (and finishing chemotherapy) Christian was a healthy, happy boy, eager to try most new foods placed in front of him – I say most, as he has no interest in baked beans or cabbage! I think this is a pretty amazing result seeing as he spent a lot of those 9 months with a Nasal Gastric Tube and me feeding him liquid vitamins through it.

  • My son now treats his mange tout time as a second helping of lunch and will eat anything green or healthy and will even suck on a slice of lemon if he’s seen and heard about it from Pod.

    My son can now recognise most fruit and vegetables in the market and shops and sees it as completely normal to have wash and chop food to eat rather than expecting it out of a packet or the freezer.

    Toby always wants to help prepare fruit and vegetables for meals for example peeling or washing them.

  • I will never forget the day we came home from mange-tout having experienced raw spinach leaves for the first time. My children dressed up in giraffe and elephant masks and asked me to be their tree. I stood in the kitchen clutching bundles of raw spinach whilst my children played around and munched away at the green leaves – it was hilarious but highly nutritious!

  • Mange-Tout has been an amazing find for my little boy and I. He absolutely loves attending every Wednesday morning and gets so much enjoyment from the class. He is now more interested in food than ever before. I would recommend it to any Mum for both its enjoyment factor and the nutritional aspect.

  • Max would previously not even consider vegetables. At best he would ignore them and at worst he would throw them off his plate. Now, he is happy for vegetables to be on his plate, even I am eating carrots to demonstrate that they are fine (I have not liked them since I was a baby, so perhaps the class is helping me as well!!).

    I feel that we are taking a positive step forward, at a time when, before we seemed to be regressing each week, with something else being refused, but I now find that Max is more open to all foods.

    I think the class is effective, and because it involves the children, they are more interested. Simple non-pressured activities are fun and using cutlery to cut things up is even better.
    I would recommend Mange-Tout to anyone. If nothing else, it is a fun activity for a child.

  • We could never imagine that Isabella would eat anything other than broccoli. Now she eats tomatoes, green beans and even courgettes amongst other things. Isabella loves her “vegetable” classes!

  • Mange-Tout’s format invites kids to create a new relationship with food through singing, play and group activities. My son Jackson looks forward to his classes and telling his Dad all about it at the end of the day. Good on ya Lucy!!

  • As you know Christian has been on chemotherapy for 10 months this year so I was desperate for him to get some “good stuff” inside him. This was proving to be a bit of a battle until he started Mange-Tout. Whilst he may not be a spinach eating toddler, food no longer scares him and meal times are positively joyful!

  • My son has been attending Mange-Tout classes since they started. He has gone from not even wanting to touch the fruit and veges to now sometimes trying them in class. Although he doesn’t eat much in class, at home there has been a huge change and he is now eating or willing to try most fruit or veges. He loves going to classes, which are a lot of fun. I have used the praise (a lot of high fives) fun and excitement we have playing with fruit and veges at home. He now has a real interest in them and loves shopping for, peeling, cutting and opening them all up to see what’s inside. I have been amazed in the short period of time how much of a difference it has made.

    Thanks Lucy and Pod

  • Mange-Tout has helped my daughter, Rhoslyn, to associate food with enjoyment and fun rather than stress. The course is very well structured and classes are conducted with enthusiasm and professionalism.

  • A cliché but Mange-Tout revolutionised my daughters approach to healthy eating. As a severe reflux baby she developed early negative associations with food. Later on, she would often not want anything to eat, let alone fruit and vegetables. Mange Tout’s highly engaging and fun approach to the dreaded green things reversed her strong aversion to them and had her eagerly munching lettuce leaves and biting into juicy organic plums. She was not an easy convert but Lucy’s passionate belief in Mange Tout and her fabulous ways with food and stubborn young minds won her over.

    Even now, a long time after she opened a mange tout pod for the first time, my daughter to this day will always ask me to help her open one before she painstakingly picks out the little peas and pops them in her mouth.

    I’m often told at mealtimes that a food/meal or way I’m doing something is just how Lucy or Pod at Mange Tout would do it. I’m so pleased the classes have had such an impact on her.

    It’s always amusing (well, maybe one out of three times!) when children pull a face and resolutely refuse to try a new food. By encouraging children to not only smell and touch different foods, but also play games and have fun with them, Mange Tout demonstrates that they really aren’t that scary.

    My daughter was terrible with green vegetables but I’ll never forget a wonderful courgette ‘broth’ that she was served one day at Mange Tout. She actually asked for more… not that strange a request from most children but as the mother of a child with fairly bad eating ‘issues’ it was pure delight to see. It also demonstrated to me that there are countless ways to approach and enjoy vegetables, not just with a desire to throw them and your child out the window every mealtime!

    Having pulled out nearly all my hair from the sheer frustration of my daughters eating… or rather non-eating, Mange Tout was quite literally my crowning glory. By opening my eyes to the hundreds of ways in which you can make food, and in particular fruit and vegetables, not only a regular part of your child’s daily diet but something they actually want to eat rather than going ‘yuck’ at.