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Mange Tout in the Media


Lucy appeared in the BBC3 documentary ‘Fast Food Baby‘ which first aired on May 3rd 2011. You can find out more by reading her BBC blog.

BBC2 featured Mange Tout in November 2005 as part of its 6 part series called ‘Backlash’.

We were very excited to have this opportunity and the children in class did not seem worried at all by the film crew and cameras, some natural born stars we think!

It was a very interesting documentary, featuring world famous local author; John O’Farrell offering his views on modern day parenting. The exciting aspect for us is the positive light in which Mange Tout was featured. The producers were more than impressed with the values we hold here at Mange Tout and subsequently the positive steps taken by parents, by attending our classes, to ensure healthy habits are formed early on in their children’s lives.

Daily Express

Mange Tout in the Daily Express! On October 9th 2007, the Daily Express published a full-page article about Mange Tout Kids – The Kids Find Fun In Fruit and Veg.

Junior Magazine

Read this article about Mange Tout Kids in the February 2008 edition of Junior Magazine – More vegetables, please!

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Can encouraging your kids to kiss cauliflowers really get them to eat their greens? TimeOut goes to investigate. Find out more here.