Hi there I’m Lucy Thomas, founder of Mange Tout and also Mum to Molly (5yrs) and Isla (3yrs).

I set up Mange Tout in 2005 – (eight years before having children) when my experience of being a nanny led me to create a supportive and interactive programme to help manage small children’s eating habits and offer support to frustrated parents.

Fast forward twelve years having helped thousands of children enjoy a broader diet through my classes, book, nursery sessions and private coaching; I’d now like to also offer my perspective as a mother with a selective eater of her own! (Yep as a feeding consultant I am not immune to the perils of fussy eating!)

My aim is to provide simple fun activities along with helpful advice and support for you; whether you have a fussy, picky or selective eater or just want to help broaden your child’s diet.

In this age of growing technology and social media we have recipes literally at our finger tips however what we also need is help to encourage our children to actually eat the nutritious delights we’ve prepared!

Welcome to Mange Tout – The Fussy Eater Solution!

In a bid to share my programme and expertise further I began working with Organix in 2009. Organix included aspects of my work in their Taste for Life programme across 5000 UK nurseries. My relationship with Organix continues as I create activity materials for their campaigns and events and have become a spokesperson for the brand.