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5 Apr 2018

This cheap and versatile vegetable used to be among my least favourite. In fact I would go as far to say that, before I started Mange-Tout I would go out of my way to avoid eating it! Picking celery out of every salad or stew and wincing at my mother who would happily crunch away on sticks of the stuff!

Teaching Mange-Tout has certainly helped me to accept celery although I have to admit that the early days of celery crunching, and munching teeth marks left a bitter taste in my mouth – one which I had to strategically conceal from the children!

My other confession is that I would rarely choose to crunch my way through a stack of celery sticks these days, but I can however be tempted with a big enough pot of hummus, so long as the stringy bits have been peeled off! I also have a weakness for a good Waldorf Twist – Celery apple lime and ginger juiced together and served on ice – Delicious!

Do you have a celery recipe that might tempt me to tuck into the crunchy stuff more readily?

Celery is a fantastic way of introducing lots of different flavours to your child using a variety of purees, dips and juices.

Excellent to use for those troublesome months of teething! Make sure you peel the stringy layer off the celery stick using a potato peeler. Leave the stick long enough to hold onto and place in the freezer or fridge. Use as needed. Remember never leave a child unattended with food.

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