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Today it was time for me to face my nemesis! I had approached this week’s produce with trepidation; for the classes were to feature a vegetable that I am none too fond of to say the least.

There are only two vegetables that are serious contenders for the title of “least delectable” (in my eyes) – one being Celery which thanks to Mange Tout I can now manage with a large dollop of tasty dip and even manage to crunch a stick following an energetic rendition of “hokey cokey celery”!

However, today was not about celery – but BEETROOT!

I really do NOT like beetroot to put it mildly. I think my Mum must have eaten bucket loads of it when pregnant with me and she still relishes it today, however there is something I find unpalatable about it (to the point of gagging – when I first began Mange Tout I trained myself like warrior to tolerate beetroot and smile throughout).

I can manage a tiny bit of it raw, in a mixed salad but that’s at a push!

Why you might ask, when I have such a dislike of Beetroot do I continue to put myself through the challenge and enthuse hundreds of children to delight in this purple root vegetable then?!?! Well, the answer is simple and is also a superb reminder as to why I set up Mange Tout in the first place – FUN!

It’s the fun with food that we have at Mange Tout that is the root (excuse the pun) of our success. Today was such a fantastic example of this when each child at every single class – watched in delight as I painted my tongue pink with a slice of raw beetroot – even more giggles when I brushed my teeth and turned them pink too.

With Pod’s action song – everyone got busy smelling the beetroot, painting their tongues and brushing their teeth. Once the sweet taste of this root vegetable was discovered and explored, everyone began to munch and crunch away, including me! My enthusiasm was fuelled by the wave of happy pink faces and purple/pink fingers giving me high fives!

It was so inspiring to see children from less than eighteen months old up to five years of age giving beetroot a fair trial.

I was managing to hold it together and smile rather than retch throughout the whole experience and I have to say, it has actually been my most favourite class so far this term!

Everyone was in such high spirits and really getting into the spirit of Mange Tout – we even had a sing off in the 4.30pm class and it nearly brought a tear to my eye when I stopped singing for a minute to listen to the children singing “picked a beetroot” perfectly in tune and doing all the actions. Who could have believed that a day of classes which I’d thought might leave a bitter taste in my mouth could end with such a sweet smell of success!

If like me you are not so keen on this antioxidant rich purple veg either, there is a way that I find helps it become far more palatable – chocolate brownies!

This is what I shall be doing with all the left over beetroot from this week’s classes, see recipe to follow!

If you have any beetroot recipes you’d like to share with us please let us know – I’ll certainly give them a go! In the meantime I’ll get cracking on my Beetroot Brownie Bake Off!

Lucy x

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