1 to 1 Coaching Structure

Mange-Tout sessions will take place on a weekly basis for one hour over a 10 week period. There is also an option for fortnightly sessions or shorter courses.

Sessions will be structured to allow ample time for your child to become settled.

The first two weeks will focus on building a positive relationship with your child allowing them to play a role in leading the food sessions. This will help to open up the lines of communication alongside building trust and acceptance.

Parents will be required to carry out homework tasks with their child to follow up on particular activities or to simply reinforce the tasks and techniques carried out each week in the session.

There will also be suggestions on how to incorporate some of the food used each week into your family meal times.

Mange-tout sessions can be carried out in your home or in an alternative venue or a mixture of the two depending on how your child responds in particular environments.

There will be opportunities for parents to be directly involved in the sessions throughout the 10 week course.


The Mange-Tout programme will be tailored specifically to suit the needs of your child and will incorporate elements of all food stuffs, in particular fruit and vegetables and will involve any or all of the following:

  • Games to encourage acceptance of particular foods, textures and smells (numerical, physical, practical and logical)
  • Role Play
  • Sports Agility
  • Gardening
  • Songs/Music
  • Stories
  • Art and Craft
  • Cooking, etc.


Please email lucy@manegtoutkids.com with any further questions or to book in an initial consultation, or click here for more contact details.